OCSA Senior, Geraldo Salcedo, Gets Accepted to Yale Through QuestBridge!


Raquel Perry, Reporter

Geraldo Salcedo, a senior creative writer at OCSA has been offered a full-ride scholarship to Yale University through Quset Bridge. Quest Bridge is a non-profit program that assist the nation’s brightest students, who are from low-income backgrounds in accomplishing their educational goals by c0nnecting them to scholarships from 40 of the country’s top-ranked colleges, such as Yale. Quest Bridge partners with these schools and supports students into applying to the leading colleges. The program focuses on the academic achievements¬†made by students, and an evident motivation to succeed.¬† Quest Bridge has helped many students in the last seven years, be admitted and offered scholarships to their dream schools.

I asked Geraldo what his experience was like being a part of the Quest Bridge program. He responded to say that the experience was a bit long and took about 4 months. “I did about 6 applications in each month and I put Yale and Brown University as my top two colleges. I started applying from August to October and December 3rd was when I would find out if I was accepted or denied.” Geraldo said that it was a two part scholarship. The first was College Prep Scholars, which he applied for in his junior, and the second was College Match.

Geraldo will like to major in International Relations and minor in Foreign Language. His advice to any high schooler is to “Try your hardest. Test scores and grades do matter, but the way you present yourself matters most. Try to be involved in things, but make sure to stay on top of your game, and do everything ahead of time.”