The 2018 Candelight Night to Remember


Walt Disney’s Epcot Staff

The 2017 Candlelight performance.

Brendan Guillen, Reporter

On December 20th, 2018 the Osceola County School of the Arts (OCSA) Vocal Department will send a number of their own to Disney’s Epcot to perform in the annual Candlelight performance.

Candlelight has been held with three major factors: Celebrity Narrators, a 50-piece orchestra and an amassed choir. This is not a one day event either. Candlelight performances began November 22, however the 20th of December will be different. The narrator will be Pat Sajak, host of the show Wheel of Fortune and while the purpose of Candlelight is to spread holiday spirit through song, the stress lies in the participant selection process. The Osceola County School of the Arts has regulations on who in the Vocal department is allowed to perform, such as maintaining acceptable grades and “testing off” the songs. These songs range from Hark the Herald to Joy to the World. 

The principal of testing is to make sure the students know the songs, and understand what is being said. After all, art is not simply to be created, but understood and interpreted. The list has already been compiled and the Vocal Department is counting down to Candlelight itself.

According to Junior Vocal Major Angelina Richardson, the Candlelight performance is “a great experience, and being able to perform to a larger audience than I’m used to is amazing. It’s just another thing I’ll miss when I graduate.”

The Vocal Majors leave the school just after lunch and perform in Epcot at approximately 5 P.M.