Trump Imposes Ban on Bump Stocks

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Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

The Trump administration issued a ban on Tuesday on the possession and sales of bump stocks, the device used to make semiautomatic weapons fire at a more rapid pace. Acting Attorney Gen. Matthew Whitaker signed the decree Tuesday after President Trump said the devices turned from “legal weapons into illegal machines.”  The regulation will go into effect 90 days starting Friday when it is officially published in the Federal Register. During this time, citizens in possession of any bump stocks must do one of the following: destroy them or turn them into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (A.T.F). Directions on how to destroy the devices will be posted on the A.T.F website.

After a series of mass shootings that have taken place over the last few years, bump stocks have become extremely criticized in the fight for gun control. Congress has faced maximum political pressure to ban bump stocks following the Las Vegas massacre where at least 57 were killed and 527 were injured. Congress has also confirmed that there is no possible way to regulate bump stocks unless a new law was written or current ones were changed.

The new regulation states that “with limited exceptions, the Gun Control Act, as amended, makes it unlawful for any person to transfer or possess a machine-gun unless it was lawfully possessed prior to the effective date of the statute. The bump-stock-type devices covered by this final rule were not in existence prior to the effective date of the statute, and therefore will be prohibited when this rule becomes effective.” The Justice Department says that they’re confident owners will comply with the new regulations, but if any violations occur, there will be steps taken to counteract them.

Slide Fire Solutions, the largest contributor in manufacturing bump stocks, have announced the termination of their website and, in conclusion, will not be taking any more orders starting in April.