Bambi: Punishment for Deer Poacher

Natali Barias , Reporter

On December 17th, 2018, David Berry Jr, was sentenced to watching Bambi every month for a year after poaching deer in Missouri.

After a 9 month long investigation of Berry and his family, Berry was sentenced to a year in jail. Interestingly enough, Lawrence County Judge, Robert George, decided to require him to watch the classic Disney film, “Bambi” every month. This coming of age story about a young deer named Bambi was to be used as an additional punishment.

Officials stated that Berry would often slaughter the deer by severing their heads and leaving hundreds of  bodies to rot. He and his family have also been involved in illegal fishing in the area. Berry was arrested on August 31, 2018 and was sentenced earlier this week. This group has over 300 criminal charges in state, federal, and international jurisdictions.

According to Berry’s lawyer, Stacie Bilyeu, Judge Robert George said that he wanted the first movie screening to be before Christmas time. Judge Robert George stated “I hope when you get to the part where Bambi’s mother dies, it makes you think.”