Asylum Seekers to the US Deterred to Mexico.

Matty Mendez, Reporter

Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the House, announcing that, for the time being, asylum seekers to the southern border of the United States will henceforth be sent away to the neighboring nation of Mexico, with the Mexican government’s approval.

The initiative can be tracked to President Donald Trump who propositioned this temporary relocation, giving the DOD (Department of Defense) and Homeland Security enough time to work on the enhancement of our borders and, in specific, the implementation of ‘the wall.’

The initiative will be carried out so that those coming from countries other than Mexico will remain outside of the United States but will not be “forced back into Mexico.”

Nielsen promised House officials that “catch and release’ will be replaced with ‘catch and return” and that this situation is merely pro tem. Many representatives, however, were averse to Secretary Nielsen’s proposed program. A more vocal litigant, a Democratic Representative from Illinois, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, addressed the room in stating, ” Shame on us for wearing our badge of Christianity during Christmas and allowing the secretary to come here and lie.”

Many congressmen had particular holiday-related qualms with the proposal. Texas Republican Representative Louie Gohmert later brought up the ‘Holy family’,  Mary and Joseph from The Holy Bible, and queried their status to the Secretary, should they in modernity request asylum from their circumstance. Nielsen was receptive to the hypothetical and was sure that Mary and Joseph would receive the refuge they deserved as citizens of the United States, be it momentarily or permanently.

This story is developing as the procedures will be implemented to the Southwest effective immediately.