I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

Charles Dickens created the myth of a ‘White Christmas’ with his stories that are full of depictions of snow around the holiday times. This is because he grew up during the coldest decade in England since the 1690’s and when he grew and wrote his stories, he used his memories of Christmas as a child as inspiration.

In reality it rarley snows on Christmas. Only 20 MET stations on average recieve snow on reoccuringly on Christmas Eve. “It is far more likely to see snow between January and Mach than in December.” The UK met office explained.

Charles Dickens is credited as the man who made Christmas fashionable again due to the traditions and customs being lost in the Industrial Age he lived in. After he published “A Christmas Carol” Victorian Britain clung to the holiday season due to the nostalgia of the peoples youth.

Though it is a nice scene, actually having a white christmas in all places is idealized and cannot exist in all places.