Letter from the Editor, Issue 5

Jonea Mathis, Editor in Chief

Dear Reader, 

Thank you for taking the time to read issue five of OCSA’s literary magazine, Insight. In one semester, the student run magazine staff, as well as the students of OCSA, have worked together to create a body of work that we hope represents the artistic endeavors of our student body. Our students are complex, artistic individuals and each piece was specifically chosen by our content staff to exhibit these qualities.  

Insight has been an OCSA staple for three years, publishing semesterly and the intention behind our name—Insight, which is defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing—is to try and open the eyes within our community and encourage people to obtain knowledge. Each submission period we accept submissions from students in all grades of our school that fit into our chosen theme. This issue’s theme, Vulnerability, was chosen by our staff through popular demand. We believe that the public is currently in a vulnerable position, socially, economically, and politically, and we were interested in seeing how our fellow students were personally reacting to it.  


As a publication, our goal is to provide a collection of unique, quality literary art to the community and we hope you will join on us on that journey.