How to Make the Most Out of Semester Two

Natali Barias, Reporter


The second semester of school always tends to be the most challenging. Whether it is the increase in assignments or the countless exams, semester two always seems to hit students hard. Being a student myself, I understand the struggle. The good news is that there are quite a few tips that are sure to make your semester the most successful it could be.

Organization and Time Management

Often times, we get wrapped up in the busyness of our lives. Scheduling your tasks will help to create a routine for your everyday life. For example, prioritizing assignments by due date will allow you focus on the task at hand without worrying about what you still have to do. Once one task is done, you can move forward to the next, knowing that you put your all into each assignment. In order to keep track of what you need to get done, use a planner. Writing things down is a great way to make sure that you’ve finished everything you needed to do. A planner is also efficient in that it helps you to remember the little assignments that often times slip our minds.

Set Aside Distractions

Everyone likes to have fun every so often, but there comes a time when one must prioritize work over play. Trying to finish homework with a distraction around is like trying to tie your shoe with one hand: not impossible, but extremely difficult. Whether it be social media or talking to our friends, it is often tough to completely focus on the assignments that we are given. Taking time out of our day to solely focus on school work frees us up to plug back into the things that we enjoy. A fun way to make sure that you stay on task is to time yourself with each assignment. It builds up a sort of competition with yourself to see how quickly you can accomplish the things you need to get done.  The faster your work for school is finished, the more time you get to enjoy the things that you find fun.

Khan Academy

We’ve all heard our counselors and teachers hounding us to “Get on Khan Academy!” and to “Practice! Practice! Practice!”Although we are probably tired of hearing these words being pounded into our heads, this is probably the best advice to be given to students. According to the Khan Acadmeny website “Twenty hours of practice [is] associated with a 115 points score gain [on the SAT].” It may not sound like much, but 115 points could be the difference between getting a scholarship and not getting a scholarship.Who doesn’t want free money? Although it may be tedious, taking at least 30 minutes a night to do practice SAT questions could not only help your test scores, but also increase your knowledge.

Study and Ask Questions

More often than not, we don’t see the benefits of taking the time to read over our notes or quiz ourselves on the latest vocabulary, but these methods often lead to better test scores. Taking a mere 25 minutes to make sure you know the material you learned throughout the day ensures that you will remember it in the future. Study techniques like making flash cards, quizzing yourself, teaching others, and even just reading the information aloud can all help you in retaining information. Asking questions is also a big help in making sure you know what you are being taught. When you don’t understand something…ASK SOMEONE! Not only are there teachers on campus that can assist you, but there are also fellow students who can help you better understand anything you find might find confusing.

Have Fun!

Although focusing on school work is extremely important, taking the time to enjoy life is also exceedingly necessary. Not everything has to be about due dates and tests. It is important to find the balance between focusing on school work and taking the time to unwind. At least once a week make sure to do something that helps you destress from the craziness that comes along with school. Whether it is going to a school event to appreciate the arts or spending time with friends and family, take the time to enjoy life. Finding the balance between both work and play is the key to having a successful second semester.