Snake found with 511 ticks on his body


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

A carpet python was found in a Gold Coast pool with more than 500 ticks attached to its body. It seemed the snake was trying to drown them, according to snake catcher, Tony Harrison. Mr. Harrison had streamed the call to his facebook page and took the snake out of the pond the moment he saw him.

The python was named Nike and was taken to Currumbin Wildlife hospital for treatment. The process took hours to get all 511 ticks off of Nike. Mr. Harrison posted another video stating that Nike was doing well. He will be a long term patient due to the infections and how many reptile ticks there were. A currumbin wildlife hospital spokeswoman told the press that they were running tests to determine if the python had any illnesses.

There were a mix of male and female reptile ticks on nike, the males being there longer but waiting to feed until the females came along in order to mate after the females had their fill.

Nike is still recovering but is doing well. He will be in the currumbin wildlife hospital until the doctors decide he is ready to be released.