Lunar Eclipse


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

Sunday night, the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” made its appearance. It was one of the 28 blood moons that will make their appearances in this century.

The eclipse was live streamed and photographed by multiple photographer’s, and newscasters. Each of them capturing it from different points and perspectives.

During this, however, an accident occurred.  Two people laying in the road were hit by a slow-moving police car in Florida. Their names have not been released, but the police report says they were lying in the dark road of the area’s Apoxee wilderness trail with a camera in order to watch the eclipse. 

The man and woman who were hit were sent to the hospital for “non-life-threatening injuries” the police car was on patrol and it is believed the two pedestrians entered through a locked gate that could only be opened by code, which the officer had. The park was also closed earlier that day. The police officer has been placed on administrative leave due to the accident and the police spokesman, Sergeant David Lefont said on Monday that he did not know the condition of the two pedestrians.