2019 Color Wars Are Here!


Raquel Perry, Reporter

The 2019 OCSA Color Wars is here!  The OCSA Color Wars is a school tradition and has been going on for several years. It is a competition among grade levels that are each assigned a color. The colors are red for 6th graders, Orange for 7th grade, Yellow for 8th grade, Green for Freshman, Blue for Sophomores, Indigo for Juniors, and Purple for Seniors. Each grade level then has to come up with a theme in relation to their color. The purpose of the event is to ultimately prove what grade level has the most school spirit.

The competition has two parts. The first part is the morning session where students have to decorate an assigned part of campus that represents their class theme before school starts. The second part of the competition is a timed performance based on the theme. Students are required to incorporate all majors into their evening performance. There are two possible winners for the competition; one for high school and one for middle school.

The evening performance will be this Wednesday, January 30th at 4:15pm. It will be $2 for parents and students that are not from OCSA, but it is free for all current OCSA students.

In addition to the event, OCSA will also be having three upcoming dress down days for $2. On Monday, Jan 28th the theme is Jersey Day where students dress up in sports theme attire. On Tuesday, Jan 29th, the theme is Dynamic Duo/Twin Day. On Wednesday, Jan 30th, the theme is Rep Your Class Day where students dress up to represent their class colors. Wednesday is free for everyone.

Welcome to the 2019 Color Wars!