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CVS Unveils “Beauty Mark” Logo In Anti-Retouching Campaign

Raquel Perry, Reporter

CVS Health & Pharmacy, one of the largest retailers in U.S, has announced plans to launch its Beauty Mark Initiative to  stop photo-shopping the majority of their photos in its beauty aisles in an effort to become more transparent with its customers. The company will be the first major company to adopt such a policy in the rising concerns of doctored images setting unrealistic standards of beauty.

Photos that haven’t been retouched in CVS stores will be labelled as “Beauty Unaltered”, while pictures that have been edited will be labelled as “Digitally Altered”.

“Beauty Mark” initiative was revealed in 2018. It is a scheme that attempts to ensure that marketing materials for beauty products are not photoshopped any way. The “Beauty Mark” initiative has came into effect a year later, with 70 percent of the beauty images in CVS stores not being airbrushed or being labelled as digitally altered.

The company says “We’ve made a commitment to not materially alter the beauty imagery we create for our stores, marketing materials, websites, apps or social media,”

“We will not digitally alter or change a person’s shape, size, proportion, skin or eye colour or enhance or alter lines, wrinkles or other individuals characteristics.”

“I know what it’s like to wake up and look at my own face on the cover of a magazine and say, ‘Wow, somebody at a computer changed the shape of my face because they weren’t happy with what I look like’,” Washington tells NBC News.

“We don’t need digital transformations to misrepresent our products. Our products are strong, our spokespeople are proud, and we can just be out there in the world celebrating our beauty, using the products to put our best face forward without the help of computers.”

CVS hopes for all beauty imagery in its stores to be compliant with the initiative by 2020.

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Raquel Perry, Reporter/Marketing Manager

Raquel Perry is a Senior Creative Writer at the Osceola County School for the Arts. As a journalist, her one goal is to present news in a well-rounded...

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CVS Unveils “Beauty Mark” Logo In Anti-Retouching Campaign

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