Star Crash


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The Space X launch of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster and the starman pilot risk crashing into the earth.

The Tesla Roadster and its pilot were chosen instead of a deadweight payload of metal blocks. On the claim that it would have been to boring.

The Tesla roadster was thought of by Elon Musk. But now, his Tesla risks going on a potential collision path with Earth, Venus and the Sun. The least likely place where it would crash would be Mercury or Mars as Jupiter’s gravity can catapult the car out of the solar system.

Fortunately, the odds of the car crashing into the planet soon are slim. In the next million years, there is a 6% chance that it will crash into earth and a 2.5% chance of it crashing into Venus in the same timeframe.

But due to the violent and hazardous outreaches of space, the sports car is most likely crumbling due to intense space radiation, which makes the chance less likely for it to crash into earth or any other planet.