School Inclusion

School Inclusion

Jennifer Randall , Reporter

For Massachusetts LGBTQ+ students, the resources and policies helping them are severely lacking. According to the state level data from the National School Climate survey. LGBTQ+ students don’t feel safe in Massachusetts public schools–from middle to high school–because of their identities.

In addition to that, many LBGTQ+ students don’t have access to important resources. Such as LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum and are not protected by important and inclusive school policies, which would help all these students in the long run. 

Many LGBTQ+ students in Massachusetts reported discriminatory policies and practices at their school. Students experience hearing negative remarks from not only the students but the school staff about their orientation and/or gender identity. Students reported being harassed and not being able to use the restroom that aligned with their gender and being prevented from using their chosen name and/or pronouns in school. LGBTQ+ students also reported not being able to wear LGBTQ+ supportive apparel and not being able to bring a same-gender date to a school dance.

Only half of these students have reported the bullying behavior of students, and only half of those students reported an active change. Students also reported that they were disciplined for PDA more often and more severely than their straight classmates.

Not only students that are LGBTQ+ are victimized. It is also the children who are disabled, with a certain race/ ethnicity, or in a certain religion.

The GLSEN, the organization in charge of the survey, is working to create safe and inclusive schools for all.