Mark “No-Show” Zuckerberg

Mark No-Show Zuckerberg

Camilo Zeballos, Reporter

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of  Facebook, has once again refused to show up in front of British Parliament to talk about privacy concerns. The British government is now considering acting upon these issues themselves and strongly regulating Facebook.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal the British Parliament has been asking Zuckerberg to appear before them and address security concerns, but every time he has denied and instead sent junior representatives that did not have the information British Parliament was looking for. Recently, according to CBS, it was found out that, “Senior managers at Facebook knew about a data breach associated with campaign consulting firm Cambridge Analytica before it was first reported in the media in 2015.” This is because of a report  done by the U.K. Parliament labeling Facebook “digital gangsters” and saying they cannot consider, “themselves to be ahead of and beyond the law.”

This report is calling for national transparency from all corporations around the globe but more specifically it’s targeting Facebook. The report made by the  Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee from the British Government is demanding the information on advertisements, misinformation, and fake news on the Facebook website to be submitted to the British Parliament. Facebook’s response in the past doesn’t give high hopes of them showing up, but the committee is saying that British Parliament should be willing to do whatever it takes especially if Facebook denies cooperation again.

This report is asking for stricter regulation from the British government on Facebook. This could bring about a new era in the public’s life. Some people are nervous as to what these imitations could be and how they would affect other social medias giving the fact that Facebook not only control it’s official website but also controls other popular companies such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Will those be limited too and if so how? The report says that this is only the beginning of things to come so we will have to wait to see what ends up happening.