“One Day at a a Time” is phenomenal


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The Netflix reboot of, “One Day at a Time” has broken boundaries many shows have not dared to even touch. It focuses on a Cuban American family that has a mother that is divorced, a veteran, and has PTSD as well as depression and anxiety.

The character of Elena, came out as gay in the first season and in the second season, she met her non binary partner, Syd.

This show is not afraid to talk about sex, addiction and drugs. It is very real for members of the gay community and is a welcome change from the same straight, white family that we have seen on television before. The show has employed non binary, gay, Latino, trans and other diverse actors. It is more diverse than many shows people have seen before.

The newest seasons have touched upon drugs and the use of it in teenagers with its youngest main character, Alex. It gave some insight to why kids use it and why it could cause damage. It also touched upon anxiety attacks and gave a very good representation of what they feel like.

The show is a new and outstanding development which will help bring more diversity into the spotlight in television. One day at a time has not been reported to have a fourth season yet, but with the success of the show, it is more than likely.