Plane Crashes into Florida Home, Killing Flight Instructor


A plane crashed into a home in Winter Haven, Florida, on Feb. 23, [email protected] and @helihubby via Twitter

Quinn Summerville, Reporter

A recently recording of a 911 call reporting a plane’s crashing into a home in Florida, dubbed as an “unbelievable scene” by the Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. A flight instructor, James Wagner, 64, was killed in the crash on Saturday, in Winter Haven, Florida. on February 23rd.

Sheriff Judd said authorities arrived to find Carmelle Ngalamulume, 17, who was pinned to a wall after the plane crashed into her family’s home shortly after taking off from the nearby airport before 1 p.m. ET. Three people were inside the home at the time the plane crashed, but three other children, ages 2, 11 and 15, were playing in the front yard when the aircraft came down.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that 64-year-old instructor pilot James Wagner of Lakeland and 33-year-old student pilot Timothy Sheehy of Bozeman, Mont., took off from the Winter Haven Airport, and were scheduled to perform simulated engine failure training when the plane crashed.

“As tragic as this was for Mr. Wagner, it was a blessing today that we didn’t have an entire family wiped out,” Judd said Saturday. “It is an unbelievable set of circumstances. We certainly expected to find the worst.”