The Dragon Prince


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The Netflix show “The Dragon Prince” has just released season two on Netflix. And it has viewers enthralled. With the references to “Avatar the Last Airbender”–the shows  predecessor–the brilliant writing, world building, animation and voice cast, the show has brought a new perspective on how to use fantasy to tell stories of moral conflict as well as physical conflict. It has shown that every protagonist character is not perfect and not every antagonist character is evil.

In the first season, our female lead, Rayla (Paula Burrows) is conflicted about killing despite the fact that she is an assassin who came to kill King Harrow (Luc Roderique). The ruler of Katolis, one of five human kingdoms. Which is how she comes upon the dragon egg, which is discovered to be alive and well, not destroyed as everyone told both Xadia and all five human kingdoms.

The season one finale left viewers wanting more, which season two expertly delivered. The higher stakes, humor, casual LGBTQ+ characters as well as disabled characters, helped the story. Though the most important and interesting part of the show is world building and relationships with the main characters. Which was made more interesting with one less character crossing into Xadia.

The interesting character design of each kind of elf has fans drawing art and making their own original fan characters of them. It has shown that there is more to do than fight dragons and find romance in fantasy. Which is a welcome change.

The Netflix series has rocketed along with cartoon shows on Netflix such as “She-ra and the princesses of power”, “Carmen Sandiego” and “The hollow”