Army Veteran Shoots Doctor at Florida Veterans Hospital


FL Stock/Alamy

West Palm Beach V.A Medical Center

Natali Barias, Reporter

On Wednesday evening, a patient in the emergency room at a Florida Veterans hospital opened fire, wounding a doctor.

Army veteran and double amputee, Lawrence Bon, arrived at the West Palm Beach Veterans Hospital early in the morning and was combative, according to the FBI. FBI investigators have overtaken the investigation into the shooting because it occurred in a federal building. At around 6:00pm, Mr.Bon took out his pistol and began shooting, just before entering a psychological evaluation. A doctor was shot in the neck while trying to restrain Mr.Bon. A bullet also grazed the neck of another hospital employee. Other patients and staff were also shot at.

The injured doctor is now being viewed as hero. The doctor, whose name has not been released, was able to disarm Mr.Bon, after suffering from a gunshot wound. Mary Kay Rutan, spokesperson for the medical center, explained that the injured doctor has been taken to another hospital for treatment. She also said that center has been secured and will be reopened on Thursday.

Lawrence Bon served in the military in the mid 1970s, but his amputations were not caused by his time served. The FBI is still investigating the events that occurred. FBI Agent, Agent Leverock, stated that Mr.Bon has been scheduled to appear in federal court on Thursday.