Mars Water

Jennifer Randall, Reporter

According to NASA and E.S.A. the probes orbiting Mars show that it is more than likely that there is or once was a planet wide system of underground lakes on Mars. Radar scans of the “Red Planet” suggest that a stable reservoir lies almost a mile under the planet’s South Pole.

After a few years of gathering un-useful data, there were finally enough observations in 2012 to see more of the picture. Afterwards the three years and 29 space crafts that followed gave the scientist enough information to work with.

The MARSIS team is eager to confirm the findings and find out what happened to Mars’s missing oceans that are theorized to have existed years ago. As well as extraterrestrial life forms that have long been thought to exist on mars. A theory that may just come true as the features mars have may be able to host a species.

Though some people think the water could be damp sediments and not actual water on mars.

If water actually exists on mars, then sending explorers to mars might have more impact than scientists ever expected.

We may even find extraterrestals.