She-ra Reboot

She-ra Reboot

Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The new She-ra reboot on Netflix has taken the whole streaming service by storm. With its creator Noelle Stevenson being a gay woman, and engaged to a fellow cartoonist, Molly Ostertag, she has already made bounds and leaps in the show with its diverse characters, the show is a big change from the last DreamWorks production show, Voltron.

She-ra is about a young woman named Adora who finds a magical sword which transforms her into the 8-foot tall warrior woman, She-ra. She learns to control her new powers with Bow, the master archer who grew up in the “whispering woods” where the sword was found (He has also been confirmed to have two dads by Noelle Stevenson), an Glimmer, the princess of Etheria with the power to teleport.

After they learn to trust each other, and Adora learns the place she grew up (the “evil” horde as bow calls it) has been hurting people, we meet a whole new cast of characters as they travel.

The show shows an openly gay couple in Spinnerella and Netossa. Who often call each other “dear”, holding hands and dancing together in the episode “the princess prom”

This show isn’t only about LGBTQ people, its also about Adoras battle with the friend she had left in the hoarde, Catra. Adora and Catras relationship is what really makes this show succeed. The battles that both of them face in order to get both their goals are always something to behold, as they always conflict with each other.

Catra wants to be the leader of the horde like she had originally planned with Adora, and Adora wants to protect everyone the hoarde hurts. This is only made worse when Catra starts succeeding hers and Adoras abusive and manipulative former caretaker, Shadow Weaver.

Overall, the show is making new leaps and bounds and it is interesting, compelling, and fans are waiting to see season two on April 26th.