Inconsistent Paint Job in Boy’s Bathroom Must Cover Grafitti


Matty Mendez

A fashionable student poses in front of the wall in question.

Matty Mendez, Investigative Reporter

The culmination of 4 years of thorough sleuthing has led me to believe that the infamous incongruous colorant of the middle school boy’s bathroom is due to a years-old, since-concealed act of vandalism.

It was my insatiable passion for guerilla journalism that fueled me in the pursuit of an underreported story. Many nights I lay awake, rationalizing the atypical swatch. I had elected to become this beast of burden, willfully oppressed by a story I would eventually give up on.

But it would emerge in my life again and again; it infiltrated my day to day. Plagued by the inescapable and generally dejected, I embraced the conspiracy once more.

You see, the walls are naturally a baby blue, relatively darkened by a tint of cryptic origins. However, in some particular spots, it appears that the walls were coated with a corrective powder blue shade. In the well-taken featured image, you can distinctly discern the apparent discordance in texture and pigment.

Though there is no official motivation for the rectification, the evidence and past incidences of graffiti in that same restroom point to an acceptable induction.