Trumps Budget Cuts


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The proposed bill for NASA in 2019 formalizes the agency’s handover of human-space flight activities in a shift towards the moon. It was released on February 12th, and gives around $19.9 billion to NASA. This is is a increase of $370 million over last years request.

The ISS (International space station) could survive being 2025 in theory if someone else pitches it. But the request does not mention de orbiting the $100 billion station when the funding runs dry.

The budget continues support for high profile planetary missions. Such as the life hurting 2020 mars rover and the Europa Clipper. It’s job will to be to investigate the habitability of Jupiter’s oceans on the harboring moon Europa.

Unfortunately, the budget would cut the agency’s planned “Wide field infrared survey telescope.” Which was targeted for launch in the mid 2020’s in order to study dark energy, new and alien planets and a rage of cosmic phenomena. It’s cancellation is “due to its significant cost and the presence of high priorities within nasa.”

The new budget also cancels five, already proposed for termination, of five earth science missions. NASA’s office of education is also ending due to the budget cuts.

Bill Nelson, D-Fla, said that “The administration’s budget for NASA is a non starter. If we’re ever going to get to mars with humans on board and return them safely, then we need a larger funding increase for NASA.”

The budget would also make popular education and science programs end. “Turning off the lights and walking away from our sole outpost in space at a time when we’re pushing the frontiers of exploration makes no sense” Bill Nelson added.