The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

On Christmas Day, 2018, Team Starkid released their newest play “The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals” despite the name, the play is very musical and at the same time, horrifying. The show uses its musical numbers to twist the usual ideas of what musicals are. Instead of using the numbers to help characters find their way, it uses it music in order to convince the characters to join the ones who are trying to kill them.

The musical uses swear words frequently, and some scenes are gory and/or inappropriate in its humor. But where it is lacking in family friendliness, it makes up for in its humor, plot, musical numbers, and characters.

The main character, Paul (played by Jon Matteson), the main character and dubbed “the guy who didn’t like musicals” by both the name of the play and the characters in the opening number, is a normal man living in the island town of hatchet field. His best friend bill (Cory Dorris), coworkers Ted (Joey Richter) and Charlotte(Jamie Lyn Beatty), and his boss Mr. Davidson (Jeff Blim) are all normal, in fact. They don’t do any singing or dancing until the meteor hits. Then all hell breaks loose.

As the next morning comes, Paul discovers that “the world is becoming a musical” and is forced to participate in a musical number by the “green peace girl” (Mariah Rose Faith) and the many people on the streets. He runs and finds the woman he’s crushing on from the coffee store down the street named Emma (Lauren Lopez). Emma doesn’t believe him at first but after a musical number from her coworkers and the people in the store, she runs off with Paul to find a way out and soon she, Paul, Charlotte, Ted, and Bill, find Professor Hidgens (Robert Manion) who has been preparing for the “apotheosis” for thirty years.

The show has gory scenes, funny lines, and shocking sad moments. The show also is very casual about its LGBTQ themes.

“The guy who doesn’t like musicals” can be found for free on YouTube. Anyone can watch the entire show in one sitting and without changing the video.

Team starkid was originally created by Darren Criss, Brian Holden, Matt Lang, and Nick Lang. They have made many shows such as “Holy Musical Batman” , “Trail to Oregon” , “Firebringer” , “Twisted: The Untold Tail of a Royal Vizier”, and “A Very Potter Musical” along with its two sequel shows, “A Very Potter Sequel”, and “A Very Potter Senior Year.”