Thespian Induction


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The thespian induction happened last night from 5:30 to 8:00. Mr. Reynolds, the director of the troupe, was in charge of it.

Originally troupe 6640 was run by both Mr. Clegg and Mr. Reynolds. He was the technical director of the liberty high schools thespian group which is why doctor Evans asked him if he was interested.

There are two parts of the thespian society, the competition and the international thespian society where the inductions are. The rankings don’t really do anything so they don’t tend to use them.

Though there are 14 students leaving this year, 18 students were inducted into the society last night. But before that, there were only 10 members of society.

“The thespian society is going to hold officer elections in May and anyone interested in joining should attend that meeting.” Mr. Reynolds stated.

He also stated that his troupe has earned prizes for districts and states. In the district, the troupe earned 20 superiors for districts, 7 of those won best of the show. For states, 3 out of 6 events won superior and 1 event won best of the show.

In those competitions, Amanda Traversa got a 500 dollar scholarship while Jabari Lewis won a 1000 dollar scholarship.

Though there are many students leaving this year, there is still more to do within the thespian society.