Inneractions: this Year’s Spring Dance Concert


On Friday, April 5th, 2019, High School Dancers at the Osceola County School for the Arts had their annual Spring Dance Concert and Senior Project Showcase.

Caroline Centeno, Reporter

On Friday, April 5th, 2019, the Osceola County School for the Arts held “Inneractions,” its annual High School Spring Dance Concert.

According to Senior Dancer, Hailey Roseboro, “Inneractions was inspired by real world issues thatInteractionser us as a class.” For nearly six months, high school dance majors worked on solo and ensemble performances that featured a variety of dance and music styles designed to make the audience think.

Many of this year’s performers have been at OCSA since 6th grade. For some Seniors, after seven years dancing on the OCSA stage, they will leave their legacy by creating a show that truly matters to them and the audience. Dr. Kathryn Austin, Ballet Instructor, has stated that “what excites me is seeing each individual and how they’ve grown.”

Although Friday’s showcase featured Senior projects, more than half the show was performed by Juniors and Underclassmen. In addition to various solos and small group pieces, each grade had two full-class performances, one for ballet, and one for modern dance. Sophomore Dancer, Kealey Froncak, stated that after performing both of her full-class pieces, she “felt extremely accomplished and… proud of my class and everything we have done because at first, I didn’t think that we would pull it off.”

OCSA students and teachers alike all felt touched by Friday’s performances and were extremely proud of the art presented. After the show, Dr. Austin stated that “the show was the perfect representation of the maturity and grace of this OCSA Senior Dance Class.” She went on to explain that “the entire cast was in harmony with the content and context of the individual works while holding a clear melody line! Through the power, the strength, the content-  each dancer brought their best to the stage. I am so proud.”