Valentine’s Day Hearts Show Love to OCSA Campus


(Lto R) Hailey Roseboro (Dance, 11th) and Ruby Long (Creative Writing, 10th) fastening heartfelt messages to main hallway lockers.

Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

On Wednesday, February 14th,  students and faculty were in for a sweet surprise when heart-shaped cut outs were posted on students lockers and around campus Valentine’s Day morning. When opening the hearts,  one finds love quotes from many different books and even movies, the bottom signed, “With Love, the Creative Writing Department.” I sat down with Ruby Long, a sophomore creative writer, who branded the idea.

While interviewing Ms.Long, she stated the concept originated from her departments lack of producing any product. “I saw that the Creative Writing Department wasn’t putting a lot of things out to see. If they were, it was being taken away, or brought down, or a lot of people weren’t signing up, ” she explained, “So, I kind of just wanted to get our name out there and get the word talking so people had us in their mind so the next activity we did do they would go, ‘Oh, so those are the people who did the heart activity. Let’s go see what they’re about.'” Planning was a big step in getting the event to work. According to Ms.Long, while still keeping up her leadership duties, her classmates had to work in small stations to ensure the hearts were up to standard and that everything ran smoothly.