SpaceX Explosion


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The Dragon spacecraft blew up on April 20th during a engine test. The smoke was visible from the Cape Canaveral beaches but no one was reported to be hurt during or after the mishap.

Though it had made it to the space station just a month earlier, the capsule suffered the anomaly. The destruction is going to set back SpaceX in its mission to return human space flight to the United States. The anomaly is more than likely going to take a couple months to learn what went wrong and ensure the safety of a passengers of future spacecrafts.

SpaceX scientists have declined to comment at the moment as the results of the test were still being assessed and what caused the failure that will set scientists back for months.

The test was supposed to be one of the final steps that would allow SpaceX to fly a crew mission. It would have been in the summer if this problem hadn’t occurred. The destruction will likely delay a manned crew until early 2020. NASA has stood by SpaceX as the company’s record about accidents in the past is very good.

NASA and SpaceX will come back from the anomaly but the world will have to wait slightly longer for a manned crew for the dragon.