Three Key Companies Making Progress for Earth Day



Apple’s disassembly robot Daisy, which recycles metals from Apple devices.

Brendan Guillen, Reporter

Earth Day is traditionally the one day citizens worldwide decide to recycle, but this year, major corporations have taken to social media to save the planet.

The North Face, a company known for promoting exploration through its clothing, is advocating Earth Day’s presence as a national holiday. According to Tim Bantle, Global General Manager of Lifestyle at The North Face, “as a brand that has been enabling exploration for over 50 years, we believe that when people take the time to appreciate and explore the earth they feel more likely to protect it.” The company launched Explore Mode, a series of events and experiences across the world to promote Earth Day.┬áIt has also partnered with The National Parks Foundation to create t-shirts and tote bags from recycled bottles found within three national parks. A dollar from each sale will be sent to the foundation.

Apple has also tagged along on the Earth Day movement, announcing their initiative to donate to Conservation International for every device returned to stores via the Apple GiveBack program by April 30th. They also discussed Daisy, the new disassembly robot that reduces Apple products into metal, decreasing the need for new material.

Republic Services, a leader in the non-hazardous solid waste industry, encouraged its employees to commit to the #1More movement. Pete Keller, Vice President of Recycling and Sustainability, stated, “we encourage everyone to take #1More step to help reduce contamination by incorporating four easy steps into your daily routine.” These steps include knowing what can be recycled, where to put the recycling bin outside of your house, limiting recycling bins contents to cardboard and aluminum cans, and implementing the “when in doubt, throw it out” philosophy.

These are only a handful of the companies making an effort to make Earth a cleaner, healthier planet.