The Ground Beef E.Coli Crisis

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Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

A recall was officiated on nearly 100,000 pounds of Georgia-based ground beef after possible contamination of the E. coli bacteria was detected earlier on Thursday. K2D Foods, under the name Colorado Premium Foods of Carrollton, Georgia, is the source of the infected meat.

The infection was discovered after multiple patients tested positive for E. coli 0103. The contaminants have already affected 156 people, while hospitalizing 20 in over 10 states, including Florida. Many agencies, including the FSIS and the CDC, are continuing to test the beef and its relation to the ongoing outbreak.

“This type of meat is particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination because of the way it’s produced,” states James E. Rogers, Ph.D., director of the food safety research and testing at Consumer Reports. Ground beef often comes from multiple different cows. Meaning if one cows contaminants mix into the others, the whole batch becomes unsafe, which is why it’s important to handle meat with care.

The tainted beef was only sold in restaurants and is not available in any stores; however, officials are trying to conclude that the beef was the true culprit of the contamination. The beef was shipped to various restaurants from distributors in Florida and Georgia. Restaurants who have since purchased these items are advised to not serve them and throw them out.

According to Rogers, in order to avoid the bacterium in restaurants, especially if eating in Florida, Georgia, or nearby states, ask if their meat specifically comes from K2D Foods or Colorado Premium Foods. “If they don’t know, then consider not eating dishes made with ground beef, like hamburgers,” says Rogers.

Make sure to be safe and carefully plan your meals in order to eat safely, and happily.