Jennifer Randall, Reporter

Starship is a show by StarKid. It was made in 2011 with music by Darren Criss, and the book by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, Brian Holden, and Joe Walker. The musical is about an alien named Bug wanting to be a starship ranger. These are the humans from earth exploring the galaxy. The only problem is that he is not human like the starship rangers, instead of a bug alien.

The show stars Joey Richter as Bug, Joe Walker as Commander Up, Loren Lopez as Taz, Dylan Saunders as Tootsie Noodles and Pincer, Denise Donovan as February, Brian Holden as Junior, and Meredith Stepien as Mega girl.

The musical has amazing music and very funny scenes. In regular StarKid humor, there is much swearing.

Starship touches on the subjects of war, what happens to people after it, toxic masculinity (though this is a very short scene), and wanting more than normal life and the consequences of taking action.

The alien bugs are played by puppets which the actors operate by themselves. This makes for some humorous scenes as the actors are often very expressive and give the show another light when you watch the actors and then watch the puppets.

The show is free on YouTube on team Starkids YouTube channel. It is worth the watch.