Houston Girl Dies After Being Jumped

Natali Barias, Reporter

Mamie Jackson
An undated photo of Kashala Francis.

Five days after getting jumped by two girls while walking home, a 13 year old girl from Houston Texas has died.

The young girl, Kashala Francis, was leaving Attucks Middle School in Houston on Thursday, when she was attacked by two girls. Francis was punched and kicked in the head several times before making it home to her mother with bruises on her face. According to Francis’ mother, Mamie Jackson, Francis was complaining of headaches before collapsing and becoming unresponsive on Sunday.

Francis’ relatives stated that she was acting a bit delusional the Saturday before fainting. She was later taken to Texas Children’s  hospital where she slipped into a coma. Francis waster put on life support. While on life support, Francis’ mother discovered a video taken of her daughter being jumped. Laughing and screaming can be heard in the video.

Doctors soon informed Jackson that her daughter had a tumor in her head along with a large build up of fluid. It is unclear whether Francis’ death was caused by the tumor or from the beating. Officials are waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine whether or not an arrest needs to be made. Even still, Francis’ mother believes that the fight is the reason why she no longer has her daughter. She stated “I still would have had more time with my baby,” if the fight had not happened.