Seattle Crane Collapse


Jennifer Randall, Reporter

On April 27th, a construction crane working on a Google office building in Seattle, Washington collapsed. Its a building before falling onto the cars below, killing four people and injuring four others.

Of the victims killed that are confirmed, there was Sasha Wong, who was a 119-year-old freshman who was going to major in nursing and lived on the Seattle pacific University campus. There was also Andrew Yoder who was 31. He was from north bend, Washington and a marine. As well as an ironworker named Travis Corbet and Alan Justad.

The surviving members of the accident was a mother and her baby girl who made it out with only a crushed car and small injuries, a 28 year old man who’s name has not been given, has been hospitalized until Sunday.

Authorities are still unclear on what caused the crane to collapse. The investigations could take months, but the theories as of this moment are gusty winds and human error as it was not a mechanical error by the machine.