Cruise Ship Reportedly Quarantined on Account of Measles Outbreak

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Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

The Church of Scientology cruise ship was quarantined on the Caribbean nation of St. Lucia after it was confirmed that a cruise member on board tested positive for measles. The ship remained docked on the island until midnight Thursday, after not being permitted to leave for days at a time.

“Because of the risk of potential infection, not just from the confirmed measles case but from other persons who may be on the boat at the time, we thought it prudent to make a decision not to allow anyone to disembark,” says Dr.Marlene Fredericks-James, the nations chief medical officer, in an official statement. After receiving 200 vials of the vaccine from the St. Lucia Department of Health and Wellness, the passengers and crew members confirmed to be secure. The ship was then authorized to leave and headed west of the island.

The ship was never named by Fredericks-James; however, witness Victor Theadore, a St.Lucia Coast Guard sergeant, stated to NBC News that the ship was named “Freewinds.” Church of Scientology has yet to comment on the situation.

The infection can be easily prevented with a vaccine, but because of the recent spread of misinformation caused by anti-vaxxers, the United States has come to the largest measles outbreak in the quarter-century. More than 700 cases have been reported of the viral infection.

Though the church has been known to speak out against psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, they also reportedly use medical doctors while also using prescription drugs. Additionally, Scientologists apparently have no position on the argument of vaccines, despite multiple celebrities involved in the church speaking out on against it’s use. John Carmichael, president of Church of Scientology’s New York location, stated that based on “religious principle” the church will not take a stance on this controversial topic.

“Scientologists are pretty independent people, though I will say this: They tend to do a little more research, perhaps, on the effect of various medical procedures or whatever,” says Carmichael. “They make their own decisions, but those aren’t decisions that the church tries to influence in any way.”

Many have stated their concerns relating to those refusing the vaccine, mostly due to the health risks of not only their child, but many children/people around them getting ill. Though research has proven numerous times the benefits of vaccines while disproving false knowledge, many still turn down the acquired immunity. Those who have witnessed or have been involved in the recent outbreak are calling for a change, and are worried that this damaging infection will continue to be harmful to others if there’s a lack of notable action.