Letter from the Associate Editor, 2019-2020

Letter from the Associate Editor, 2019-2020

Caroline Centeno, Associate Editor

During the 2014 school year, already halfway through sixth grade, I bought my first newspaper. It was The OCSA Ledger, back when it was print, and I already I knew that one day I would join the staff. Over the past five years of reading The Ledger, I have truly seen it flourish. Because of this, I am confident that the 2019-2020 school year will only make the paper stronger.

Having taken my first leap into journalism just over a year ago, it is easy to remember why I decided to join a profession consistently scrutinized by cynics everywhere. In a time where the media is tasked with uncovering truth, it is up to us to disseminate the information that students need. Although viewed by some as merely a high school newspaper, I know that the reporters on staff are capable of circulating articles of the same quality as professional journalists. Because of this, I am committed to supporting them as they bring you the highest quality, truthful news.

As this position has been newly established, I will set the precedent for The OCSA Ledger Associate Editors that follow in years to come. It is because of this that I will strive to ensure the success of not only the newspaper, but also the success of the individuals on staff. During students’ years here at OCSA they will encounter a plethora of new information, and it is my hope that The OCSA Ledger can play a part in informing the student body. In order to slice through the all-or-nothing rhetoric of today’s society, I will strive to provide access to unbiased, unmitigated information.

Here’s to the truth,

Caroline Centeno