69 Creative Writing Students Published in Creative Communications Anthology

Creative Writers published in the anthology.

Camilo Zeballos, Reporter

A month and a half ago, 90 Creative Writing students submitted to the Creative Communications Poetry Contest. Last week, 69 of them were chosen to be published in the anthology. The contest normally accepts less than half of all applicants nationwide, but the OCSA Creative Writing Department managed to get more than 2/3 of its applicants published. 30 of the 69 students were new to the department and had only two weeks to work on their poems.

Mr. Capley, the Director of Creative Writing at OCSA, was amazed at the amount of publications saying, “normally we might get 6 out of 10 applicants accepted, but doubling the number from about 30 students last year to 69 students this year, is amazing.” The number of publications from the department has been steadily growing over the past four years, and Mr. Capley hopes it continues growing. He also hopes to someday have one of his students claim a top ten spot in the competition and win the grand prizeTop ten winners are awarded a $25 check, published on the Creative Communications website, receive special recognition in the anthology, and receive a free copy of the book.

If you wish to get yourself a copy of the book visit here. The books cost $25 per copy, and will be shipped out in December.

Congratulations to all published artists!