Spirit Week 2019


Color Wars changed its name and its meaning for OCSA students new and old.(Photocred:bcnazarene)

AnnaBella McGinnis, Reporter

Next week the school will be holding Spirit Week! During Spirit Week, students have the option to pay up to $2 on each day of the week, with Friday as the exception. The theme goes as follows. On Monday, it’s “Theme Parks”. On Tuesday, “Blast from the Past” (represent your favorite decade from the 20th century). Wednesday is “PJ day” (Do not wear slippers). For Thursday its “Villains”, and on Friday you can wear your class color. 

For those who are new to the school, every year each grade level is given a select theme and section of the school to decorate surrounding that theme. Students who decide to participate may choose to help decorate the hallways or even be a part of the performance that is prepared. Meetings are traditionally held after school to rehearse and help. On the day of the performance (October 4th) the performers dance in front of a set of judges, who will judge their work on a certain set of criteria. They look for creativity and inclusivity, meaning they want to see how each major in the school are represented and included in the work. 

Each grade’s theme also goes as follows. Starting with 12th grade with “Villains”. 11th grade is “Tim Burton”. 10th is “Under the Sea”, and 9th is “Zombies”. For middle-school students, the themes are “Beach” for 8th, “BLANK” for 7th, and “Stranger Things” for 6th grade. These students prepare for the event by holding rehearsals during and after school, dancing and constructing to bring the best to their performance. 

The showcase, as mentioned previously, will be held on October 4th from 5:30 to 7:30 and is free to enter.