OCSA Creative Writers to Perform at Dr. Philips


Karen Rugerio assisting creative writers in performance poetry

Raquel Perry, Reporter/Marketing Manager

OCSA Creative Writers will be performing at the Dr.Philips Performing Arts Center on December 13th.

Last week, writers were able to meet powerful spoken word artist, Blu Bailey, and Karen Rugerio, the director of theatre at the Dr.Philips High School. They worked with Creative Writers on dramatic poetry performances and spoken word.

Next month, on the week of the showcase at Dr.Philips, Blu Bailey and Karen Rugerio will come back alongside spoken word artist and actress Falashay Pearson. Falashay Pearson has performed in many theaters and played various roles in films such A Devil in God’s House and Star. They will be teaching OCSA Creative Writers more about the art of performance poetry. Blu Bailey has stated, “I am very excited to work with kids and helping them find their voice in poetry. I think this is my calling.”

Creative Writers are extremely excited about this opportunity as it will be one of the first outside performances in years.