AP European History Class is Proposed for Next Year


Emilyanne Richart, Reporter

Mr. John Crane, a new history teacher here at OCSA, is proposing an AP European History class for next year, and encourages students to join if interested.

He needs at least 30 people to sign up for it to be considered as a class for next year. The class is “going to run around the time of the renaissance, a little bit earlier, to modern Europe” says Crane.

Crane advises next year’s seniors to take it, because it’s a “little more of an intense course.” Seniors who have taken AP classes before have more of a “handle on how to answer short answer questions, stimulus based multiple choice questions, LEQ (Long Essay Questions) and DBQ (Document Based Questions).” The class does not cover any of the high school history requirements because it is an elective. However, it may count as a history college credit if you pass the exam.

Although one of the reasons why the scores are so high is that Seniors make up the majority of students who take it, Mr. Crane says that Juniors can also thrive in the class if they have been taking AP classes since they were Freshmen, since they “should have a good handle on it by then.”

The class has been offered at OCSA in the past, but this will be the first time Mr. Crane will be teaching it. The class is a “personal love” of his since European history is his forte. Mr. Crane encourages all interested students to sign up via the QR code posted inside his classroom, room 5-115.