OCSA Orchestra Department’s Special Guest


Alexis Incandela, member of the OCSA Ledger

Elizabeth Baker speaking to the orchestra students.

Alexis Incandela, Reporter

On Tuesday October 12th, Elizabeth A. Baker came to the Osceola County School for the Arts and spoke to the middle and high school Orchestra students.

Baker is a dramatic performer and refers to herself as a “New Renaissance Artist” who embraces a constant change of practice. She deals with multiple mediums, while also composing and performing her work. She believes that every person will have a unique encounter with music because each person comes from a different background with different life experiences. Her ability to draw in an audience with her unique presentation of music breaks a wall that reminds people there is no incorrect answer to interpretation.  

Not only has she been awarded grants, residencies, and sponsorships, but she was also acknowledged by Larry Groupé, an Emmy-award winning composer, who has referred to her work as “perfect.” Baker has received recognition from press and scholars, for her conceptual compositions and commitment to inclusive programming. She is founder of the Florida International Toy Piano Festival, The New Music Conflagration, Inc., and an author of three books.  

“As an artist, I do not seek to tell people what to think, but rather create works that open up a dialogue between the artist and the audience, each individual audience member and their inner selves, as well as an exchange amongst community members beyond performances of my work,” said Baker in her artistic statement.

The presentation was eye-opening for some students. “Everyone has an interpretation of art and composition. While many find the beauty in the melodious sound of instruments, others choose to step out of the status quo and go for a different style, finding music in unique objects and sounds,” said Eunice Santos, a junior orchestra major after watching the presentation.