A Dance Class for Non-Dance Majors


Camilo Zeballos, Reporter

Dr. Austin’s 4th period will become an Intro to Dance course during the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year. It will be open for all non-dance majors students here at OCSA looking to better their dance skills. If you’re interested in joining contact your school guidance counselor for a change in schedule.

This will be the first non-major dance class to be offered here at OCSA in recent years. “I think it’s important. Especially if we’re going to continue doing school-wide shows,” Dr. Austin explained, “Other majors have opportunities for non-majors to participate in their art areas, but dance doesn’t. My goal with this class is to create that opportunity for non-major students looking to learn about dance.” She believes this will not only expand the artistic mind of non-dance major students but also incorporate a greater sense of unity between majors that will benefit our future school-wide shows.

The course will cover many types of dances and their origins. Students will have the opportunity to get a basic overview of many of these dance forms while also getting professional training from Dr. Austin. She hopes that this will be the beginning of something great and encourages anyone interested to talk to her about it.