“In the Garden” Literary Magazine Submission


The OCSA Lit Mag

The OCSA Literary Magazine has begun accepting submissions for their Spring edition, "In the Garden."

Brendan Guillen, Reporter

Today, the OCSA Literary Magazine (OCSA Lit Mag) has begun accepting submissions for its Spring edition, “In the Garden.”

“In the Garden” will be a poetry-only issue of the magazine. The pieces are to be between 2 and 40 lines, with a focus on healing and growth. In the words of the OCSA Lit Mag Chief, Justin Nazario, “We want these pieces to be fun, experimental, and of course, artistic. Nothing dark or negative.” This is different from the previous edition, “Under the Floorboards,” which emphasized the emergence of what is hidden.

This is the last issue of the 2019-2020 school year and the deadline to submit is February 12th, so it is important for applicants to submit their work as soon as possible. The pieces are to be sent to the OCSA Lit Mag at [email protected]