2021 OCSA Hall of Fame: Eunice Santos


Emilyanne Richart

Santos is pictured holding a sign

Jullian McGinnis, Reporter

Eunice Santos, an orchestra major, is one of 2021’s Hall of Famers here at OCSA.

She states her favorite part of being a student is, “Being able to meet all kinds of people. I have truly enjoyed getting the chance to speak with, meet and befriend such amazing individuals”

She says that her favorite part of orchestra is, “Getting to create such beautiful music far beyond what’s written on a page…being able to play pieces that audiences enjoy as they plunge into their imagination is such an amazing experience.” She also points out that her future career is to become a lawyer to, “advocate for those who feel voiceless and unrepresented”

Eunice Santo’s list of achievements go above and boyond. She has won: The Outstanding Vocal Award for the Essentially Ellington Regional Jazz Festival, a Gold medal/seal of Biliteracy, Clearwater Young Lions Jazz Festival Jazz Band A winner, Valencia College President’s list, multiple superior ratings at Solo and Ensemble, Savannah Jazz Festival Finalist, UNF Presidential Silver Scholarship, Education Foundation’s Silver Medal Scholarship.

When asked how would she describe herself in 3 words she says, “Driven, compassionate, and perseverant.”

The orchestra director of OCSA, Rueff Frazao, has stated in an interview that she is, “a young lady with many talents.” He has been teaching her since 8th and 9th grade. Frazao states that she sings and plays with the jazz band while traveling with the band. Santos has also been a teacher assistant with him for the 6th graders and had been known as the “6th grade Mama.” She has performed concert mistress for a previous musical play named, Guys and Dolls. Frazao ended the interview complimenting her parents by saying they have been really supportive to the orchestra department.

Eunice has been given alot of opportunities while in her 7 years of being in OCSA. She has responded to the ledger saying “Since the sixth grade, I immersed myself in as many opportunities as possible! I was able to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City with the Symphony Orchestra. I was also the youngest SGA President and Public relations officer (member since the sixth grade), Creator/ organizer of the first ever SGA Induction Ceremony, the President and Vice President of the National Spanish Honor Society, the founder/president of the LINKS social club, two time winner of the Sing Your Heart out vocal competition, Student Government Association student mentor, pioneer vocalist/violinist of the Mariachi Band, Pit Orchestra Concert Mistress, Rhythmix Show Choir member, Tri-M member, NHS member, All County Violinist, creator of the Valentine’s Day and A Night in Hollywood Dance as well as the Glow in the Dark Bash and the spokesperson for Music Helps Heal.”

Ms. Santos states some of her hobbies are singing, cooking, volunteering, and drawing. “I have found myself cooking and drawing more often that I would have before, it’s a fascinating new world that you can jump in to.” When asked on her plans after graduation she states she is planning on pursuing the legal field as a Political Science major.

The graduating senior says she is passionate about helping as many people as she can. “It is so important to be the change you want to see in the world and in today’s day and age, people need kindess more than ever. There needs to be equity just as much as there is equality. Differences do not make someone less than someone else. As the fictional character Martin Stein said, ‘The very thing that makes you different is what makes you special.'”

“The career I am aiming for in the future is to become a lawyer to advocate for those who feel voiceless and unrepresented.”

When asked about what she would want people to know, Santos states “Always strive to be better. If people tease you because you’re a little different, that’s okay. You are made in a beautifully unique way that is made for a purpose, you are not a mistake.”