OCSA Hall of Fame: Tyler Snell


Tyler Snell

Tyler Snell has been featured in the 2021 Hall of Fame for all of his accomplishments

Alexander Mata, Reporter

Tyler Snell, a band major here at OCSA, has been featured in OCSA’s 2021 Hall of Fame for all the great things he has done for the school. His accomplishments range from performing in festivals nationally. The things that he has contributed to OCSA throughout his 7 years have without a doubt been essential for the development of the senior band class of 2021.

Snell describes himself as, “dedicated, passionate, and open-minded.” Part of his path to success had mostly been influenced by his older brother, knowing all the expectations and how to work with everyone in the program. Mr. Molineaux explained that Snell was seen as a leader and was able to shine and let other musicians follow his steps. “Well respected and showing good work ethic.” He had “Experienced so many powerful artistic moments with my colleagues and seeing not only myself improve, but the people around me improve.” Snell was given the chance to play at Carnegie Hall in New York, a dream that many people hope will come true. Snell has played with the Symphony Band and Jazz Band throughout his years at OCSA. He also had the chance to work with some of the greatest Jazz musicians in the world.

Snell is very proud about, “The community formed in the Band Department, getting along while also focus on putting together music and art that they can create together,” leading to the amazing performances presented here at OCSA that we all know and love.

Snell has won many awards during his time here at OCSA, such as a WDNA Scholarship (full ride to Litchfield Jazz Camp), All State Band member, acceptance to Berklee College of Music, and was a finalist for many Jazz Festivals like the Ellington National Competition.

Snell plans on attending the University of North Florida where he hopes to major in Jazz Studies. After this chapter, he is hopes to pursue his career into being a college professor and educate on Black American music, while also being a freelance musician. Snell hopes other students will continue to achieve great goals and accomplishments. “Surround yourself with people who will push you in the right directions. If you are serious about something, give it your all and don’t let other people get in your head.” He added, “Vision without action is a daydream.”