Multiple Shootings Took Place Over Halloween Weekend


Taken from CNN.

Illinois police investigating a mass shooting at a 2021 Halloween party.

Laura Richart, Reporter

Halloween should be a night where people could go out trick-or-treating, a night where they dress up and have some fun. Yet instead of having fun, many people suffered injuries or died during several shootings that took place across the U.S. this weekend.

In Orlando, Florida, a mass shooting took place almost exactly at 1:3o a.m. on Orange Avenue near Wall Street. With the road filled with people celebrating Halloween, one man pulled out a gun and began firing. Four people were injured in the incident. Police have yet to find a prime suspect as the investigation of the cause is still ongoing.

The second Orlando shooting was on Robinson Street near Lake Eola. The exact time of this shooting has yet to be disclosed. This shooting left three people injured. So far no arrests have been made as the police do not have sufficient information about the incident.

Several shootings occurred all across the U.S. this Halloween weekend. In Illinois, a shooting happened at a Halloween house party, resulting in 52 injuries and twelve deaths; another Illinois party shooting left twelve people wounded and two dead. There was an additional shooting that took place at the Octavia Event Center in Texarkana, Texas. Around 100 people were at the event at the time of the shooting, but only one person died while nine others suffered injuries.

Police aren’t sure why the number of shootings went up this weekend. According to the Orlando Police Chief “it was a very unusual weekend where we had a higher number than the usual number of shootings. And, you know, you ask the question, why? Really that’s something that we are trying to figure out ourselves.”

Orlando police claim that they will keep investigating the cause of the increased shootings.