“Formula of Love” is Scientifically Proven to Lift Your Spirits


Jessica Vanderbeck

“Formula of Love” has something for everyone.

Jessica Vanderbeck, Reporter

What’s quirky, versatile, and full of girl-band bliss? K-pop supergroup Twice’s latest album, of course! Titled “Formula of Love: O + T = <3,” often shortened to just “Formula of Love,” this the group’s third studio album in their six-years-and-counting of activity. And it’s chock-full of everything fans could ever want.

If K-Pop talk leaves you with more questions than answers, here’s a run-down: Twice is a nine-member girl group signed under JYP Entertainment, one of South Korea’s largest K-Pop labels. Formed in 2016 through the reality show “Sixteen,” the group is well-known for their cute and bubbly image and songs, like “Cheer Up” and “TT.” However, in recent years, the group has leaned into a more mature sound and image, as seen in “Fancy” and “I Can’t Stop Me.” This has led them to immense popularity in both the East and the West.

Formula of Love is Twice’s third full album, consisting of fifteen tracks in total. These fifteen tracks span across several genres, from the synth-powered marimba leads in “Moonlight” to the rhythm-and-blues of “Espresso.” It truly has something for almost every flavor on the music spectrum. Do you want something slick and powerful while getting ready for a night out? “Icon” is perfect for the occasion. Or maybe you’d like a funky number for dancing in the kitchen? “Moonlight” is right up your alley.

Formula of Love also features four all-English tracks, including the group’s first English single “The Feels.” This pre-release single is a bubblegum disco-pop delight, combining the saccharine-sweet energy long-time fans know and love with a fresh edge that practically anyone can enjoy. But nothing quite compares to “Scientist,” the leading or “title” track for this release.

Melody-wise, the song offers groovy bass and modern synth beats. It’s a perfect stand-alone song while also being a great introduction to what’s expected of the tracks following it. Lyrically, it’s a unique step in the right direction. Many K-pop songs will insist that love is so very complex, that hearts aren’t something you can win over so easily. However, “Scientist” preaches the opposite. The women of Twice sing that “love isn’t a science,” and that there are countless ways to show love. Several quirky references to actual science, such as Einstein and the sine and cosine, are peppered throughout for an extra pop of originality.

Speaking of lyrics, if you find most lyrics in modern music artificial, fear not! The members of Twice frequently co-write and compose their songs.  Some of the catchiest tracks in the album were created by the members, including the dance-floor worthy “Cruel,” co-written by member Dahyun, and the soulful ballad “Cactus,” which member Jihyo co-wrote and composed. The singer says that it was “based on her pet cactus that died,” an experience all too relatable. If you want a group with personality and talent, Twice is a perfect match for you.

In conclusion, Formula of Love is one of Twice’s strongest releases yet. It balances addictive synth-filled dance pop, heart-wrenching ballads, and countless other rhythms into one cohesive number with plenty of great lyrics. And with four versions of an album packed with goodies, Formula of Love is one hundred percent a work of art.