Disney’s Holiday Spirit on Ice Skates



Disney on Ice spreads holiday spirit through ice skating!

Isabella Perez, Reporter

As the weather cools down and Floridians desperately wish for snow, they often turn to the next best thing: ice skating. And what’s better than seeing your favorite Disney characters performing at a frigid rink?

Disney on Ice is a series of annual shows that mostly take place during the winter season, located all around the United States and some areas in Canada. Their selection of different types of shows varies from year to year. This year, they’re setting up for shows like Find your Hero, featuring an abundance of Disney heroes and characters recreating the journey they went on in their movies.

Disney on Ice is also hosting specific shows for the movies Frozen and Encanto and have special character experiences where children can meet their favorite characters from those movies. The two-in-one show is proving to be a fan favorite despite its recent becoming. The New York Post describes it as, “an icy musical show featuring Elsa and Olaf as well as Mirabel and Luisa.” Other shows presented in the event include Into the Magic, Let’s Celebrate, and Road Trip Adventures. Reviewers of these shows featured on the Disney on Ice website refer to it as “a very memorable experience,” and “entertaining, positive, and happy.” Other families all over the nation hold the performances in similar regards.

In light of COVID-19 in recent years, Disney had to cancel some of their Disney on Ice showings in certain states due to covid protocol. Especially in Kansas last year, when the virus broke out amongst the cast. However, as of this year’s showings, no closures have been made apparent in any state. Instead, they were replaced by higher regulations regarding health safety. On the Disney on Ice website, Disney officials strongly encourage any visitors to be mindful that the timing of shows and availability are very subject to change, whether that’s for risk of health or overcrowding. They also administer a waiver to visitors, stating that the visitor will be mindful of the risk and is responsible for themself if they do contract the virus. Masks aren’t required, but also strongly encouraged.

If the magical characters of Encanto on ice skates is something that interests you, consider buying and scheduling your visit to Disney on Ice. Tickets are available on the Disney on Ice website (disneyonice.com) from December 2022 to April 2023, depending on the show you want to see. Prices will vary based on seating and timeliness. Have fun and stay warm!