The Sudden Influx: Why is Everyone Moving to Florida?


The Florida population continues to grow as more people move here for reasons such as strong leadership and cheaper living expenses.

Karly Scheder, Reporter

The entire state of Florida, from July of 2020 into July of 2021, has grown by one percent and shows no signs of decreasing any time soon. Although that growth doesn’t seem like much and may not come across as a concern, it shows the population has risen from 21.6 million people to 21.8 million people. With this surge of sudden residents, the question of what aspects make it so special arises.

According to Attorney General Ashley Moody, people are flocking here because they desire strong leadership and admire the state’s strictness with law. She also goes on to say, “People are watching and they understand that leadership matters.” This could imply the fact that states they moved from did not have the same order in their laws, so it had to be found in Florida. Thus, many people move here to have that aspect of their lives they feel is needed to be safe and live contently.

Moody states, “It’s not rocket science.” She continues her statement by saying, “When we saw people not respecting cops and other folks defunding their police, we gave them raises. When we saw a rash of folks rushing into stores and committing mob thefts, we did something about it. We made these people easier to prosecute.”

Not only that, but the cost of living in some Florida cities is cheaper than other areas. For example, the current price in Miami is nearly $1,000 less than New York City. According to, the same happens in Jacksonville and Los Angeles, a solid thousand-dollar gap with the former being cheaper. With Miami and Jacksonville being cheaper than most other big cities, it can make them popular and thus turn them into hotspots for those looking to move. It isn’t just the case with housing, as Florida is also known for having low taxes and no income tax at all.

Plus, the weather and other aspects of the state itself have things that no other state can offer. With the longest continuous coastline in the United States and two major theme parks, as well as an abundance of national parks to preserve wildlife, Florida has become a rather sought-after place to live. Especially for those from colder states who want brighter skies and warmer beaches, as Florida is known as the Sunshine State.

For those who are already Florida residents, some concern may grow about how daily life will be affected. As more and more people make their homes here, they’re also bringing children, elderly family members, and pets. Despite some schools already being crowded with sometimes more than 30 students in a single classroom, more students may come. Product prices may rise with more demand coming in, as well as more houses needing to be built. Traffic could get even heavier with more people on the roads, which is already one of Florida’s most major inconveniences