Spicing Up a Christmas Feast with some Germanic Food


Lily Ernest

Black Forest Cake, a popular dessert typically eaten around Christmas time in Germany.

Allison Walze, Reporter

Bored of the same old turkey, ham, and cranberry sauce? It’s time to take a little twist on the traditional Christmas meal you’d expect to eat here in the U.S. Though with so many different dishes offered all around the world, which one would be a good pick? Perhaps giving Germanic food a try would be a good choice.

German Christmas food is quite different to what you would see here in the U.S. with items like potato dumplings. Along with plenty of other amazing foods to try out for this winter’s pallet, one dish being the Slow-Cooker Sauerbraten. According to Norma English, who is of German Lutheran descent, says, “this recipe is so good and oh-so-easy. It’s great served with dumplings, spaetzle, veggies or a salad,” and is a lot faster to prepare compared to traditional roast beef recipes. Germany also offers over 1500 different types of sausages, one being the Bratwurst. With food ranging from sauerkraut soup to smoked salmon there are many things to try out this Christmas.

Though perhaps you are looking for something sweeter to try. Desserts anybody? You’ve heard of gingerbread men and houses, both of which originated from Germany. Though there are many different Germanic desserts you can try like the Black Forest Cake. According to Gina Elizabeth, an expert at home cooking, “this traditional German dessert is made of two or more layers of chocolate sponge cakes topped with whipped cream and cherries.” Though if the cake isn’t enough there are also baked apples that go well with marzipan, raisins, almonds, and of course, German pudding like Frankfurter.

As Christmas looms over the corner, many people are excited and busy planning what they should do or eat for Christmas. So, might as well switch up that same old food you’ve had for Thanksgiving already and explore the different foods offered all over the world.