UK Twitter User Investigated for Opinion on Gender Identity

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Quinn Summerville, Reporter

A twitter user in the United Kingdom was subjected to a police investigation by authorities in Humberside after he criticized transgenderism in a small tweet of his opinion. The individual, who goes by the name “Harry the Owl” on Twitter, previously tweeted “trans women are not women”.

In a 10 tweet report on the incident, Harry explains that he first got a call from his boss informing him that the police wished to speak with him.

After calling the police, Harry was told by an officer who claimed to be “representing the LGBTQ community” that someone had reported him for “hate speech” and it was the duty of the police to check if he employed any trans people because they would not be in a safe working environment.

After admitting that the “30 tweets” being investigated were not criminal in any way, the officer then bizarrely read a limerick before labeling the occurrence a “hate incident” and asserting that there was a victim (despite no crime having been committed at any time).

“This is where it gets incredibly sinister,” reported Harry. “The cop told me that he needed to speak with me because, even though I’d committed no crime whatsoever, he needed (and I quote) ‘to check my THINKING!’ Seriously. Honestly.”

Harry, having committed no crime, was then subjected to a lecture by the officer about his own opinion on transgender biology.